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Every day millions of planes are taking off and landing. Millions of planes are bringing people to their friends and families, bringing them to unpleasant business trips and weekend getaways. Millions of planes are carrying people to their beloved ones and carrying them from their beloved ones.

How many times the airports have seen the tears? The tears of sorrow and happiness, true love kisses and never-see-you-again kisses. This couple wasn’t an exception. Even though their story was not starting, it was ending.

They were sitting as close to each other as they could. There were jokes around, but in their eyes, you can see that they have just a couple of hours left. Once in a while girl was starting crying and the guy was silently taking her tears from her eyes without saying a word. They were remembering funny stories from their life in country X, even though most of the time they were keeping silence and their friends were talking.

He took her hand and brought to other seats to be a bit alone. She was feeling so much pain inside: she was praying that miracle would happen and his plane would not come. She knew that this was the end of their story: no matter how much she was trying to hope that this was not true. She wasn’t stupid to understand that they didn’t even discuss what’s gonna be next, even though they were so close to each other. They didn’t plan to fall in love: they were doing everything not to fall in love, but life doesn’t ask you what you want. They were keeping distance, trying to be friends, but this attraction between each other let them say “fuck it” and just live the moment.

She was lying on his knees and silently crying. He was looking at her and trying to remember every trait of her beautiful face. He was remembering every time she made him laugh, all their adventures and movies that they watched together. He was remembering how they were eating ice cream in summer and playing with dried ice- behaving like small kids. He was remembering how he kissed her for the first time and took her hand. He was remembering when he understood that he started falling in love and tried to prevent it. He remembered how he was trying to be smart and didn’t hurt himself and still now he felt so much pain.

The voice told that his flight was boarding. Her tears became stronger. One thought: miracle, miracle, miracle. She said goodbye to his friends and gave him small gifts to remind about herself: she loved them as well, but now she could think about only one person. 

Last minute. He said some stupid words as she didn’t even hear. She saw some tears in his eyes. She couldn’t cope with herself: she wanted to jump to this flight and flew with him and stayed with him forever. Now they were understanding that it’s the end but still tried to maintain this hope. She said, that she would come to him, he said that some flights would be open to her city and he could come. They kissed: this kiss was full of sadness and all their emotions that they couldn’t express to each other were there. They didn’t make any promises, they knew that there is no sense in it.

He left. She saw him boarding and was staying there till he disappeared in the crowd. She had never felt so bad before: she was feeling that her heart was not with her anymore. She couldn’t imagine that she could live again. She couldn’t imagine that she would fall in love, she would forget him and get her heart back.

The airports have seen a lot of tears. Every day a lot of people are leaving their beloved ones. This story wasn’t an exception. It is happening in every airport in the world. Maybe it happened to you. Maybe it will happen.