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“Endless games” or “Excuses to be coward”

Cold winter evening. You are in the blanket with a big cup of tea and pack of chocolate cookies. Notification. Message. “Oh, he has finally answered! So lets wait twice more to answer and then he will think that I am busy and dont really care!”How many times you were

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Morning. Sun. Breathe in, breathe out. New day, new challenge. Notifications. Instagram. Facebook. Like. Follower. Emoji. Message.  Lost expectations. Shower. Toothpaste. Music. Make up. Breakfast. Coffee. Dressing up. Skirt or jeans. Heels or sneakers. Bus. People. Earphones. Snap. Selfie. Post. Fake smile. Positive quote. Pretending. Work. Coffee. Poker face. Task.

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