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” My Sweden” or ” Are you in love with it too?”

If you have followed me at least for a while, you have probably noticed that I am a little bit crazy traveller. It is difficult for me to stay in one place. Nevertheless, Scandinavian countries were out of my traveling radar even though people from these countries started being part

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“City without city center” or “My Istanbul”

When people were telling me: You MUST go to Istanbul- I was just agreeing with them and never really was taking their words into consideration. I was thinking, that nothing could make me fall in love with this city: I saw so many things, why I should be shocked or

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“What’s wrong” or “Belarusian reality”

Being only 22, I can definitely say that I have traveled a lot:29 countries are on my list. Moreover, I haven’t just traveled for sightseeing: I was living in 7 or 8 of them that definitely differs from being in the country for a couple of days for fun. I

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