“Endless games” or “Excuses to be coward”

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Cold winter evening. You are in the blanket with a big cup of tea and pack of chocolate cookies. Notification. Message. “Oh, he has finally answered! So lets wait twice more to answer and then he will think that I am busy and dont really care!”How many times you were doing this? Once, twice? Or it is your typical behavior when you are meeting your crush?

We are generation of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. We are not talking with each other, we are judging according to likes and shares. We are pretending, we want to show that we are invulnerable. We are feeling like a shit, but we will put in Snapchat “today is the best day of my life”. We are sending these snaps or posts for everybody while it is actually addressed to one person.

We are not saying what we are feeling: we are playing games. To become more special we are waiting to send a message (if, of course, we will afford this privilege to ourselves to be first to start conversation). We are disappearing from another person life for a couple of days for him/her to understand how important and busy you are. We are mentioning how other guys or girls were hitting on us to say:”Look, i don’t care! Other people want me! You can do whatever!”, while we are falling asleep with the thought about “this whoever”

We are not opening to each other, we forgot romance. “Oh, he sent me a message! Oh, he commented my photo! Oh, he sent me snap!” We are so excited about this small move, that forgot that real romance is when he is coming to visit you from another country as a surprise or meeting from work with flowers. It is so easy for us to send millions smile, but mission impossible to say “I miss you”

We are sending some stupid unclear messages instead of saying directly what we want. We are scared: “Maybe he/she doesn’t feel the same!” We can’t say ” I need you. Could you come?” No, we will either pretend that we are strong and independent or we will write hundreds of reasons why you need the person with the thought that he will understand and ask us. We are feeding ourselves with this sweet uncertainty in virtual world instead of  having close relationship in real life.

“I am having my dignity! Hell no, I will admit that I am needy!” Come from the sky, we are all humans. We are all making mistakes, we are all creating some shit. We need each other. We can’t handle everything alone. What will happen if you admit that you need somebody? He/ she will reject you? Maybe. But maybe not. Maybe you are both feeling the same and this stupid stubbornness and the rules of society what should or shouldn’t be done is a problem? And then you are loosing this magic. And then you are lonely.

There are some Internet rules that people are following. There are, but it doesn’t mean that they are correct. They are just protection mechanism for cowards, ones that are showing off in public and then feel miserable alone.

Stop the games. Say it, do it, act! It is risky to open up, but the reward will be worth it.