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Check in. Security. Bag. Coffee. Tickets. Music. Plane. Take off.

Belt. Earphones. More music. Too loud thoughts. Volume up. Volume up. Expectations. Landing. New city.

Excitement. Fear. Eyes. Meeting. Hello. Awkwardness. Remembering. Pretending. Weirdness. Random talk. Looks. Words. First touches.

Movie. Bed. Hug. Relief. No past. Present. No fear. First moves. First steps. Again. Going back.

Party. Friends. Alcohol. Selfies. Talks. Laughs. Doubts. Hands. Smiles. Together. Caring. No doubts.

Dancing. Fun. Happiness. Songs. Friends. Youth. Night. Hugs. Kisses. Hands. Less pretending. More kisses.

Coziness. Bed. Cuddling. Together. Heart beats. Neck. More movies. More sleep. Dreams. True. No pretending. Coming back.

Looks. Touches. Caring. Waking up. Morning. Kisses. Warmth. Smiles. Cuteness. Tenderness. Sun. Breakfast. Improvisation. Coffee. No thoughts. No reality.

Car. Music. Smiles. Speed. Walks. Talks. Laughs. Ice cream. Beach.No reality. Live the moment. Forget about tomorrow.

More movies. Less thoughts. Touches. Kisses. Closer. Closer. Being silly. Being together.

Last night. More tenderness. Softness. Cuddling. Breath.

Tomorrow. Understanding. Coldness. Less kisses. Less touches. More thoughts. Wall. More looks. Less smiles. Time.

Fear. No talks. Last minutes. No understanding. Question in the head. “Doesn’t care?”. Coldness.

Weirdness. Pretending. Random talk. Random goodbye. Pain. Being hurt. Not showing. Pretending. Angry. Not turning back. Dont wanna drama.

Airport. Alone. Check in. Pain. Security. Tears. Bag. Unsecured. Heart. Pain. Tickets. Weak. Tears. Music. Poems. Plane. Take off.

Tears. Photos. Videos. Pain. Pain. Pain. More music. Too loud thoughts. Too big wounds. Volume up. Volume up.

Landing. New city. No expectations. Stupid hope.

Is it the end?