“Growning up” or “Have you already?”

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You are understanding that you have grown up when your friends are not asking you out for a beer, but welcoming to join their housewarming party as they just bought a new apartment.

You are understanding that you have grown up when your Instagram news feed is not about getting drunk on Friday and student-related memes, but the pictures from the weddings and newborn photo shooting.

You are understanding that you have grown up when instead of going for a vacation in summer, you are going for them whenever you will have a leave from your 9 till 18 job.

There are no more classes, no more studying, no more excuses “I’m just 18”. You cant come to your mom and ask her to take care of you. Yeah, sure, you can and she will do, but now you actually need to care about her and yourself.

There are no more first kisses and first relationships. You are falling in love, but it’s not the first time. You are hearing “I wanna long-term relationship”, while you don’t want to think about it so much. You technically can’t just be with a person that you can’t see future with: the investment that you are doing should be profitable and you are too tired to become bankrupt one more time and figure out the way where to find these emotional assets to start a new venture with another partner.

There is no more time. At some point, you will never become fire-fighter or fashion model. You will never win the Olympic Medal. You can’t just say “Oh, I will think about my career later” No, dude. It’s here and you need to decide.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. That is what makes us grown up people: the ability to make decisions and take responsibilities for them. We are making mistakes: we did and we will do. Nobody is perfect and nobody will become an ideal person as it’s impossible.

Nevertheless, the age is not showing that you are an adult: you can become a 70-year-old guy, but still be this irresponsible kid with only his wants and needs, while a 16-year-old will be mature one even with this innocent look. But when you will grow up: you will feel it. You just feel that from now on there is no way to escape reality: there is only one option-face it.