“Guide for Valentine’s Day” or ” One more reminder that people should be true to themselves”

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14th of February. St. Valentine’s Day. Some people are looking forward to it. Some people are afraid of this day to come. Some pretend that they don’t really care or just don’t care. Nevertheless, why this day is actually bothering people so much? why we can not just simply live this monday/tuesday/wednesday and etc and we are either super happy or super sad?

A lot of people know that Valentine’s Day is just a commercial holiday. It can be seen from all these millions of promotions everywhere: Valentine’s sales! Buy your bf/gf a perfect present! Everything is pinkie, hearts are everywhere and sometimes you want to throw up from all this sweetness. Especially when you are alone, just broke up or having some troubles in your relationship: then this time of the year is becoming the most hateful one, there are just hundreds of reminders that make you feel that everybody is in love while you are blue.

Nevertheless, it is stressful. We can divide people into two groups: the one with smb and the one without.

People who are having their loves, are thinking how to make this day extremely special: flowers, dinner, music,presents. Sometimes there is a problem: they are having too high expectations. They are preparing too much and then usually expectations don’t meet reality: too much pressure. Or on the contrary, one person doesn’t care and another one is caring. Then they are quarreling and both are unhappy and desperate. Yes, of course, there is a wonderful scenario where everybody is smiling, kissing and then having a nice night, but let admit that perfection is usually just the plot of American movies.

What is happening with lonely people? They are starting bitching about Valentine’s Day one or two weeks before it, all the time talking and talking and talking how they don’t care or hate it. All the talks are ending with “how desperate and lonely I am and nobody loves me”. Then they probably will get drunk and will just continue complaining/complaining/complaining. Or if they don’t want to drink but still want to escape from themselves and “not-to-think”, so will be doing everything to be busy: overwork, gym and etc will become “their Valentine”.

So, tell me: why we are doing it? why we are having just one day in a year to say ” i love you”? why we are having just one day in a year to bring flowers or make morning coffee? why we are feeling reckless and damaged only because we are not with somebody?why we can’t accept the truth?

Why we can’t admit that when we are couple, we need to care about each other every day? Nobody asks for moving mountains: do small things, unexpected things. Small chocolate bar in the bag or note ” I miss you” doesn’t demand a lot of effort, but it will make you happier when you have a bad day.  Tell what you feel, don’t be afraid of becoming vulnerable: every person needs another person, no matter what we are saying. You can scream that you are perfectly fine by yourself, but it is all the time better to come back home where somebody can hug you and hide from all your problems.

Why we can’t admit that being alone is not a tragedy? it is not the end of the world! If the world is already going crazy with this “love day” why not express the love to your parents? Call your mom and say ” I love you”. Meet your friends and have a nice dinner together without complaining, but with a lot of jokes and joy. You will meet “your person”: if you are now suffering bcs of some girl/guy, just remind yourself that everything that is happening is happening for a reason. It is not because you are bad or they are bad: you were or are just not for each other. If you made mistakes and now regret them, stop it. They were your mistakes and if you got a lesson, you would, for  sure, be rewarded. Even if now it is painful.

St. Valentines is not favorite holiday for a lot of people. But if it is already existing, why not make it magic? We can be wizards of our own happiness. Change your attitude, smile and enjoy life. You are the only one in this world who can make you happy.