I am sorry

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I am sorry for you, I am sorry for us
I am sorry that it’s actually happened
I am sorry that I will not be falling in love
Write to you all the poems and mails.

I am sorry that story will never repeat
I am sorry for quarrels, I am sorry for cheats
I am sorry for letting you down as I’ve promised
All these devils and Gods, for being always ironic.

I am sorry for bringing you upper and downer,
I am sorry for hitting you out of your ground
I am sorry for bringing you back to the hell
Give you glory and make you believe in the tales.

I can say you this “sorry” for hundreds of times
I can beg you: Come back and give up on your pride!
I am here! I am back! I am down on my knees!
Please, don’t leave me, just help me to find my release.