“Korean drinks” or “Paradise for coffee lovers and exchange students”

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As we have already talked about Korean cuisine(both  and experience), it is time to talk about what they actually drink here.


Lets start with the simple one- water. Why I am talking about it? Because in the contrast of Europe, it is everywhere free of charge. There are a lot of special water refill machine that is pretty nice for people who is trying to have it’s water balance.


I have never thought that coffee culture is so deep here in Korea. They actually know how to make a good coffee and people here are having it every day! Especially they are in love with cold one: even in cafe it costs more. The only problem that you can face is that sometimes it is not so strong- but it can be sold with a double shot 🙂 As well, there a lot of “fancy” drinks in menu as green tea latte, cereal latte, chocolate&cookie frappe and etc. A LOOT of coffee places, really, no kiddin! In every corner you will find something. The prices are also not bad, but it all depends on the place where you are going. For example, you can find americano for both 800 won($0,70) and 4000 won ($3,6).
Moreover, what I felt in love with is the place where you can grab 1 liter of coffee. 1 LITER, PEOPLE!!!! Paradise for coffee lovers!

Also a big business is built on these drinks. In every coffee place smoothies or yogurts will be sold: maybe it is not all the time the healthiest thing ever( especially chocolate ones:) ), but if you are taking plain yogurt, it still can be consider as something good for you. The price is usually going from 3000 won ($2,7)

As well you can buy them in any convenient store: as for me they are more chemical, but it is totally your choice!



Korea is a world of weird soda! There are millions of its types and if something is pretty nice, others are disgusiting! It is all the time like lottery: you will never know what to expect

Traditional beverage(Sikhye)

Its more than every day beverage-it is dessert. Made from rice(surprise, surprise!) and super sweet! I can’t drink it, to tell the truth, as its too much of sweetness inside, but tastes differ.


Finally we came to alcohol( i think, a lot of people are really interested in this info). I have never been a big fan of beer, but i definitely like it here. It is not really strong, not weak- something that will help you enjoy the evening. A lot of draft beer as well- people like to have it with chicken(!!!)


It is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Korea. Definitely! How do you think from what it is made? Rice:) There are different types of it:original one or flavoured. The difference is also in the percent of alcohol there( 10-30%). The original one doesnt taste too good, so people like to mix it with beer-then it is like a strong beer. Nevertheless flavoured one( blueberry, pomegranate, grapefruit and etc) is sweet and nice to drink. But be careful: you can get drunk easily with them as it doesnt taste like alcohol at all.:)
And good news! It is extremely cheap. One bottle of soju costs from 1000 won($0,9) to 3000 won($2,7).

So what is your favorite drink in Korea?:)