“Korean food” or “Part 1: How to survive here”

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One of the thing that is extremely interesting for all the foreigners in every new country, is its cuisine. I wasn’t exception from this rule. Here is the first part of my PERSONAL ( no offense, guys) review of Korean food.

Spicy! This is, for sure, the first association that is coming to my mind, when you are talking about food here. Most of the food is spicy and moreover when you see in the menu that smth is spicy, it will be spicy as hell and probably you will not be able to eat it.

Moreover, the main ingredient for everything is rice! I was thinking that it is a joke when I was hearing it before coming here. Hell, no! Rice three times per day, rice soup, rice cakes, rice candies, rice water, alcohol from rice-literally EVERYTHING!

A problem that I faced with is breakfast culture. Below you can see pictures of the food that we are having for breakfast in our dorm.

No typical oatmeal or fruit or eggs. Neither coffee, nor tea. If bread- only white one that is a little bit sweet. SOUP IN THE MORNING! And rice, for sure!:)

Another thing that you will meet everywhere and Koreans love it is kimchi. It is traditional Korean side dish or it is called Korean cabbage. People here are believing that it is salty. Maybe something wrong with me, but its not at all! It is spicy, but no salty, for sure. Moreover, food here doesnt have a lot of salt, that is also kinda surprising. In every restaurant, cafe or canteen. you will be given kimchi free of charge. But I am still not a big fan, to tell the truth:)

Seaweed is also popular ingedient to almost all the dishes. So you are lucky one, if you love it. If not, will have troubles to take it from every dish. Sometimes, you are just having seaweed that you are eating with soy sauce and putting rice inside. For us it is just nori that used for sushi back in Europe.

As well one of the popular food, as a snack and not only, is rice cakes. They can be both sweet and spicy. Look fancy, han?

To tell the truth, I was really attracted with all these colors, but it is not my favorite food, for sure. It is difficult to chew and taste is sweet with the note of spiciness.

One more issue that i got here is weird pizza. I was living in Italy and can say that I am a big lover of different kind of pizza. Here I tasted some weird one like sweet potato pizza and moreover, there is a tradition to mix all toping together that usually is not the best idea ever.


Nevertheless, it is totally my opinion and I dont wanna offend somebody. Tastes differ;)