“Korean food” or “Part 2: Why you will fall in love with it”

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In I was a little bit critisizing Korean food, but it doesnt mean that I don’t like it all.;) I haven’t tried everything, for sure, but there are some my favorite dishes that I have already eaten couple of times.


Chimaek is a compound word formed from Chicken and Maekju (beer). So it is more than just name of food: it is name of some kinda tradition:) I will not be talking about beer in Korea ( you will read about it in next post:) ), but I can not say about Korean fried chicken. That became my savior for so MANY times:) When you are tired of rice and what to eat something “normal”, you can go for chicken. For sure, it is not for people who are on a diet as it is pretty fat ( i was too nice saying pretty fat- EXTREMELY:) ), but trust me when you are trying it, it really doesn’t matter. There are different kinds of it: sweet&spicy, garlic, soy sauce, chili spicy( think twice to take it, if you dont get used to Korean food) and etc. Of course, there are a loooot of places that you can eat it and variety of chicken is tremendous! Usually goes with fries and rice cakes( RICE IS EVERYWHEEERE!)Bulgogi

This is the paradise for meat lovers! It is dish that consists of grilled marinated beef ( or sometimes pork). It can be grilled or  pan-cooking. It goes with the soy sauce, garlic, onions and pepper. Also there is some type of bulgogi where the meat is served on the pillow of cheese. That is super nice( especially when you are missing cheese a lot)


Literally from Korean language it means “mixed rice” It is served with vegetables, pieces of meat and egg. There are a LOOOT of versions of bibimbap, so everybody can find its favourite one:)


I am calling it “Korean sushi”. It is probably the cheapest food and the most popular snack. You can have gimbap for $0.70 easily. It has different forms: roll, triangle, squares and balls. To tell the truth, I am also eating it kinda often:)

Pork soup with rice and noodles (돼지국밥)
This dish I tried one of my first days: it is really one that will make you feel full and it is definitely tasty! It is Busan specialty: slice of porks and onions in warm broth never be bad:) And it goes with a lot of side dishes as well.

There are much more dishes that you can try here: Korean cuisine is really diverse and have a lot to offer. Maybe I have forgotten about something REALLY tasty or havent tried it yet- I will be happy to read it in your comments:)
And remember: share is the new sexy:)