Let’s be kids again

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-Medium cappuccino on coconut milk, please.


She took her coffee, put a bit of cinnamon on top and closed the lid. Then she noticed a couple of girls laughing at some joke, smiled and went to the street.


It was early spring: people already changed their heavy winter coats on their spring ones. The snow melted, but the trees were still standing naked with the desire to wear their gorgeous green dresses again. The sun was shining, but it was still really shy: you couldn’t feel all warmth of it, just a light touch. For her it was already enough: she got a feeling that the new start would come soon.

The city was still sleepy, even though you could meet some business people that were in a hurry. All of them were with their phones, all of them were breathing with a stress. You could see this aura: aura of people who don’t know how to enjoy, who stuck in this loop. They couldn’t notice the spring. Birds, colourful puddles, softness of sun- all of this was so far away from them. The main focus was on their phones. Money, meetings, business lunches, reports, calls… How could you find time just to enjoy in this madness?

She was one of them and that’s why unconsciously started imitating their behaviour. For a moment, she forgot about her coffee and these signs of springs that she was enjoying so much. For a moment, she was about to get into this loop. She was about to run to the unknown destination, answer stupid emails that didn’t mean anything, but were so needed in this office lifestyle, schedule the meetings that she knew she would cancel, book her schedule for reports that would be sent, but they would never be read. And she was about to cross this line, when she heard a laughter.

She turned around and saw a small girl. This girl was 3-4 years old in a bright sky blue coat and big yellow rubber boots. These boots were a bit big for her, but she was enjoying them so much. Probably her mom couldn’t persuade her not to wear them today, let them stay in a wardrobe for a while. Her curly hair was a bit messy: it was everywhere. Probably inner intention of her parents was to have her hair neat, but it was disappearing every time when this small angel was going out- too much energy. She looked like as energy ball: she was shining with these bright yellow light.

Girl laughed, because she jumped into the biggest puddle and the mud splashed all over her beautiful coat, boots and even face. Her mom’s face for a second became sad, but when she heard the laughter of her kid, she started laughing as well. Small girl jumped again making her clothes even dirtier, but who cares. This small angel was enjoying it so much ¬†and bringing even more sun into this spring sunny day.

As fast as she saw this girl laughing, her face changed. The phone continued ringing but she didn’t want to pick it up. Immediately these business people got blurry and the centre of her attention turned into this small girl and big puddle. She tried to remember when she laughed like this the last time and couldn’t catch this memory. All of her last years were just meetings, reports, late hours, business trips, emails and calls. She could count the meetings with her friends on her fingers and most of them were finishing with her apologising and going to the office to finish some task. Why so?

She remembered her dreams that were all the time postponed. She remembered how many times she needed to say “No”, because she just couldn’t leave work in time. She remembered and…. she jumped into the puddle. The splashes immediately left the tattoo on her coat, her shoes that she tried to polish so much in morning were ruined. But she didn’t care: she was laughing. She was laughing so much, how she hadn’t laughed for years. And small girl in her was laughing as well.