“In love with life” or “Just be happy”

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Sometimes we are forgetting how small things matter.

How funny to speak with a taxi driver some French, when you can barely say a couple words in it and when he is not speaking English at all
How amazing to listen to your favorite songs and just drive at night.
How amazing to go to spontaneous trip with your friend and do some stupid things: scream some songs with not knowing their lyrics, dance weird dances in the middle of the street, eat some junk food without caring about extra kilos
How amazing to come back home after a trip and having a person that is meeting you in the airport
How amazing to smile to the stranger and get a smile back
How amazing to give some gifts to your friends and see this happiness in their faces
How amazing to joke around with a bar attender and get some sweets just because you are cute
How amazing to make some random picture without fear of looking stupid
How amazing to get a cup of coffee and just walk around on winter morning with it and feel this warmth in your hands
How amazing to go to the bar and just dance there all night
How amazing to be happy