“What is love” or “How to maintain hope when your heart is one more time broken”

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What is love? A lot of songs and poems written, a lot of words said, but if you have never experienced it, you will never understand it completely. You can be the most sarcastic person in the world and laugh at people who are in love saying that you will never do any crazy shit as they are doing and you will never sacrifice yourself for another one.

And then, one day, absolutely randomly, you are meeting a person. It can be just person for somebody, but for you it will be special one for sure. After meeting him you have no clue how you were living without him: you cant imagine how not to receive text from him in the morning, not to get motivation from him when you are down, not to talk with him all day long, stopping only when he is sleeping( with the random messages in the middle of the night that you miss each other), not to share the worst and the best moments, not to care about how is he sleeping, is he tired and why is he upset. You are becoming so dependent on each other and if you are lucky bastard this love feeling will grow into real love. At this stage you are absolutely open to the person: you are not afraid of sharing your feelings and fears. You want to introduce him to your family, want to spend with him every minute of your life till it ends. You are blessed to have this feelings, but at the same time you are becoming the most vulnerable one as you are giving your heart to another person and its only for him to decide to crash it or not.

I will be happy if everything ends up well with the kids and big family house like in typical American movie. But what if not? There are a lot of circumstances that can happen on your happy road and can separate you from each other even if both of you still in love. Distance, misunderstandings, friends and one of the worst one: right person, but wrong time. How to deal with this? How to deal with it when you are not feeling the ground under your feet and seems like world has turned upside down?

When you just broke up, you wanna die. Your heart is in pain, everything is burning inside. You are trying to smile and it looks like Joker one. You are stalkering him online, thinking how his life is going, is he ok. A lot of times you are about to send him some stupid message and then your logical part is switching on and you are understanding that its not right and stopping yourself. You are trying to live your normal life: having fun with friends, starting exploring a lot of things, trying to flirt with other guys- but the result is the same: when you are going to sleep you think about him, you are waking up in the middle of the night checking for his messages and becoming so marasmic that dreaming him send you text and then waking up and cant understand where it is. You are not with him anymore, but he still has this invisible capsule around you that no matter what you are doing leads to him and thought what he would say and do.

First, ask yourself a question: does this person feel the same? if you know that your feeling are mutual, don’t let him go. Never. Listen to me: NEVER! I will be idealistic, but I am believing in true love and soulmates. Never let your person go: everyone has just a half of soul and to be full one, you need to find the second part of your soul that another person possesses. Be sincere, be honest: don’t run away from your true love, don’t hide from him even if now you know its not gonna work because of some shit around. It hurts so much to know that NOW it will not lead to happy end. But what about thought that it will be happy end in the nearest future and its in your hands to make this nearest future to be now faster.

Fight. If you know that its your person, fight! Make this happen! If you have some problems inside, try to figure out them and come back to your love. If your soulmate has them, help him to solve them. If there are some external circumstances, change them! Don’t be afraid of making crazy things and blindly believe in you two: you are just chasing your happiness.

And fight is not just active battle. Sometimes you need to wait. You need to wait days, weeks, months to another person. The most difficult in this not to loose hope: still believe that this person is thinking about you and having you in your heart even when it seems like he doesn’t care and he is just having fun in his life. If you have true love, you cant let it go, it will be the biggest crime.

The best in this battle that you will never loose. You can end up together and you will live happy ever after. If not, just reassure that person that you love is happy. If he is happy, you will be happy at some extent as well even separated from each other. Because this is the difference between romantic love and true one: you stop being selfish and caring about other more than about yourself.