“Morning motivation” or “why we are postponing decision-making?”

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What is the first thing that is coming to your mind when you are waking up? Is it a person or just coffee desire? Maybe you just all the time are having the same words in mind:” Damn, one more day, i don’t wanna leave my bed!!” Think about this.

Human beings are always struggling with themselves: with their needs and wants. But the only thing that everybody wants badly: to be happy. No matter in which country, no matter you will be rich laying down in your swimming pool or  barefooted in a hovel, alone or with somebody. Everybody wants to be happy.

So why we are fighting back? Why we are not telling people that we love these simple three words? Why we are not getting coffee, covering ourselves with bullshit that we can save this money for something else? Why we are not quitting the job that we hate and not following our heart, no matter how stupid the idea is? Why we are not living the moment?

We are having this fear to fail. And not a lot of people can stand up and say : “I know that i will fail when i will try the first time. But i will persist, until i succeed.” U know these lucky one that can do it. So why u r not a one of them?

Stop waiting till Monday to make a change. Do it right now. No matter what was before: where you were born, what school you went, how many broken hearts you gave and got.

You are here. Your destiny is in your hands.