“Morning thoughts” or ” Why people are screwing up their happiness”

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How many times you were rejecting something, just because? How many times you were having the thought that something is wrong, when everything was perfect? How many times you were overthinking when you actually might enjoy life?

I am pretty sure that most of you have answered “million times” to these questions. This is the nature of the human: we are making the conclusions from our previous experience and can’t accept the fact that now it is actually not like before. Every person has its own luggage: for somebody its the boyfriend/girlfriend that was cheating to her/him, for another one its the friend that let he/she down. We are all damaged in one or another sense. We cant enjoy anything that are given to us now, just because we are afraid of pain.

You cant not feel pain. You should be absolutely isolated from world around not to experience it. And I am not talking about physical pain that cant absolutely be compared with emotional one: the one from which you wanna die. Your soul is in pain and it seems like you are having hundreds of heart attacks. You cant just have pill and calm it down: it never stops. You cant sleep, you cant eat: you are living like a zombie without understanding what is going on around.

That’s why everybody is afraid of it. That’s why once had it, we wanna do all possible and impossible not to repeat it.

That’s why when we are having happy time, rats of hesitations are eating us inside: we are starting thinking what is bad? We cant enjoy happiness: we cant believe that another person can love you so much that will be chasing you around the world; we can’t believe that your friend can talk hours with you in the middle of the night just because he cares about you. We are not taking opportunities that are given to us from the sky, because we are afraid of being successful. We are trying to decrease the probability of having pain.

But now think: is it worth? Is it worth not living, just because MAYBE you feel bad. MAYBE! Maybe everything is gonna be all right! Why we are not thinking about this scenario? Why most of us negative and referring to our past?

Yesterday has already passed. Relax. Who hurt you, have already done it. You cant do anything with it. But today is a new day and you can live how you wanna: you can be director of your movie. You can be this person that will have happy end in the end:) So don’t make love of your life turn away from you, because he seems too good for you; don’t reject the job offer because you are thinking that you will not be able to do it; don’t close yourself from people around only because they can use your openness.

Try! Do! Enjoy! Remember: true happy people have earned their happiness: they were the most damaged ones that cured their wounds.