“My Brazil” or “Why this country is so special”

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What are first thoughts coming to your mind when you hear Brazil? For some of you it’s famous Brazilian coffee, for another ones its carnival and hot Brazilian girls. A lot of you will tell me:Rio! Beaches of Copacabana!- and the ones that care a lot will answer me: favelas. Who loves dancing will mention samba and the one who loves drinking remembers cachaca.

It is impossible not to be in love with Brazil: it is country that you can find everything. It is, for sure, one of the countries that can make a huge influence to the world. I was lucky to spend there one month and I can say that I got to know only 1 % of everything here. But already one percent of knowing it changed me and when I came back to Europe I was not the girl that I was before.

When I just came to Brazil, I met my old friend from Italy, that was doing volunteer program in Salvador and came to Rio. We were standing drinking cachaca in Lapa (one of the party neighboorhood of Rio) and he told his opinion about Brazil that has stucked in my head till today. ” I felt in love with this country. I have never thought that it could happen like this. Of course, it has a lot of problems, but this power of people that is on the air is tremendous!”

People. That is, for sure, one of the main attraction for me in Brazil and one of the main reason why I wanna come back so badly. I have travelled a lot and saw a lot of landscapes and sightseeings. It is really difficult for me to be shocked about something or at least surprised. When I was going to Brazil, I was excited, but didnt think that in a month I will be having Brazilian flag on my wall and will be glorifying this magic country to the world. But people that I met there took a great part of my soul. Always helpful, always cheerful, always sincere- they are opening to you and accepting you who you are. If they love, they love with all the passion. If they hug you, they will probably break all your bones with the strength of their feelings. If they are mad, be ready for atomic explosion:) They are living to feel and feeling to live.

There are tons of examples that can illustrate this. As I was a volunteer in Olympic Games, I met a lot of Brazilians there as the part of a big volunteer family. When I got ill, everybody was so worrying about me and suggesting any help: I think I got nearby 200 messages in different social media!!! Or, for instance, one of my volunteer friend, that could not speak English at all,  came to say me bye in the airport at 6 am and gave me a gift for me to remember him.  He was and is treating me like his own daughter. Another woman also called me her Brazilian daughter, told me that she would start learning English because of me and invited me to come to carnival to be a guest in her house.

I can talk about these amazing moments forever. All Brazilians are now possessing the huuge part of my soul! And I cant do anything about it: I actually dont wanna! I wanna come back as fast as possible!

So there are a lot of things that can be attractive there. But about one thing I am sure: it is must-see country and must-live country. It is magic. If you are ready for a change, go there! You will not be the same!

P.S. I hope, you are already booking tickets to Rio:) See ya, there!:)