“My Korea” or “how the dreams come true”

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If you are following me in some social webs, you will already know that now I am an exchange student in Busan, South Korea. So that’s the beginning of my travelling posts about this magnificent country, where I will tell you why I decided to explore Asia and started from it.

Why Korea? That’s probably the most typical question that I heard before and after coming here. The reason for coming is really simple: I got bored with Europe:) Yeah, i know that its the answer of the person that is showing off.:) I have travelled already 27 countries and the last new European country (that i have visited  before me knowing that I’m going to Korea) was Portugal. I felt in love with it, but didn’t have any cultural shock. Everything was really beautiful, but nothing was blowing my mind off.

I wanted to feel. I wanted to feel some brand new emotions. So when in February I was accepted for both exchange programs: Milan and Busan- I didnt have any hesitations where I wanna spend my semester. Don’t get me wrong: I love Italy with all my heart. Nevertheless, as I am feeling there like at home, Milan wasn’t a choice that could help me to achieve my goal of loosing the head:)

Korea was. Before coming here i was impressed with all the stories that my bestfriend, who spent here half a year, was telling me. I was excited to try new food, get to know new traditions, learn language. I was ready to start my Asian trip from this wonderful country, as in my opinion it maintains both traditions and contemporary technologies.

So I am here already a month and I have never even got a thought that i made a wrong decision. A lot of weird stuff happened to me, a lot of things that I am not understanding and just accepting. But the only one that matters-I am extremely happy here and will try to share these feelings in my next posts 😉