“Raccoon vs Dog cafe” or “How to cure your heart”

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I think everybody knows about the existence of the cat cafe: this phenomenon was getting really popular a few years ago and a lot of people were crazy about it. For example, in Vilnius where I was living last year, there are 2 cat cafes and all people who are visiting Vilnius usually end up there. Why? Because cats are super cuuuute <3 But what about people who are not cats’ lovers? Today, i want to tell you about two different cafes that I have gone last week: raccoon cafe and dog cafe.

Before talking about both of them, I want to mention that here, in Korea, people are really in love with any animals’ cafe: for example, cat cafe are in every corner- and there are a lot of strange animals cafe as raccoon one or even sheep cafe(!!!!) in Seoul. But to tell the truth, I can definitely understand the reason of their popularity: after petting any animals  you are feeling yourselves hundreds of times better, no matter how bad your mood was.

Raccoon cafe

I wanted to go there badly from the first time I heard that it really exists! Even that some people are saying that raccoon are garbage animals, who can’t fall in love with these cuties???

There are 3 raccoons in the cafe. To tell the truth, I was thinking that it will be more of them. As i know they are not just taken from the zoo: they were rescued. Now they are the people’s favorites: a lot of people are coming to pet them even though the prices in this cafe are high: 6000 W ($5) per americano (while you can get pretty decent one for 1000 W).

The cafe zone and raccoon zone are separated: so you are taking coffee and then if you wanna play with raccoons, you need to go to special place. It is understandable: these three troublemakers are trying to steal everything that they are noticing.:) So you better take all you jewellery before entering raccoons’ world: trust me, they will do all possible and impossible to get you:)

You can buy some special snacks for them as well and then they will behave themselves a little bit better;) And you can see, that a lot of people are spoiling them: they are kinda faat:)

For me the zone of cafe is too big while the zone of raccoons is too small. I know that everybody wants to make more profit, but I think that if animals are already not living in their natural environment, they should at least have more space to enjoy their lives.

And for your better understanding about this wonderful place, I have found a video about the same place where I have been. Enjoooy!:)

Dog cafe

First time I have heard about the existence of cat cafe, I asked myself: “If the dog one exists?” I love both dogs and cats and have both in my family house, but if you want some warmness in your life and to see real happiness, you should go to the dog cafe. With all the advantages of cats, dogs are more cheerful and happy to see you!:)

This cafe has a loooot of dogs: big and small, puppies and already grown up. All of them are super cute and so cheerful when they see you coming.

To tell the truth, to hold them and spend some time with them has raised my mood sooo much! When the small one is coming to sleep on your knees, you are becoming sweet one, even if you were having the most sarcastic mood ever:)


Here also the prices are kinda high: you are paying 6500 W(5,5 $) and can choose different drinks such as americano, latte, caramel or vanilla latte, some lemonade and some tea.

The only bad thing about the cafe is to see sad dogs when you are leaving.:( They are giving you so much energy and I was feeling myself as betrayer when was leaving them.


So in conclusion, animals are just perfect friends and they will, for sure, help you to escape from your despair, because they just love you and they don’t need anything in response. That’s why even that raccoons are super cute, i will prefer to come back to dog cafe. Raccoons love you for some your material things, dogs- because its just you and you have found time to visit them:)

Have a nice day, guys!:) Love each other:)