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Dark bar. The clouds of smoke. Saxophone. Some jazz. False notes. Shot.

Glance. Another one. Tiredness. Bar attender. Dirty table. Shot

Mojito? Long Island. Dark thoughts. Dark life. Depression. No way. Glance. Why not? Shot

Emptiness. Empty stomach. 5th day no food. Weakness. Sex? Why? But why not? Opportunities. Self-refusal.Shot

Long Island.Another one. Better music. Facebook. Online. Last message. Break. Suitcase. Leaving. Shot

Drunk. Musician. Sad music. Good music. No false notes. False life. Watch. Midnight. Work tomorrow. Shot

Cigarette. Past. No future. Glance. Another one. Whatever. False smile. Going. Before shot?

Blond guy. False talks. False laugh. Pretending. Shot. Pretending. Shot. Restroom. False kiss. Better shot

Dirty bathroom. Red lipstick all over. Awkward moves. Awkward sex. Awkward guy. I needa shot

Uber. Home. No tears. Feeling of dirt. Feeling of mistakes. Feeling of regrets. Why so many shots?

Home. Empty. Hysteria. Tears. Tears. Tears. Breathlessness. Heartlessness. Pills. More pills. Finish it up. Don’t feel it. Shots of pills

Darkness. Understanding. Wanna live. Wanna exist. Call. Help. Please help. Throwing up. Thanks shots

Hospital. Fluids. Injections. Pain.
Give me a shot of life.