“Be spontaneous” or “Easy way to feel that you are actually living your life”

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You have just come home. Taking off your shoes, throwing your coat to the chair and hanging your key to the hook. You are taking a deep breath, going to the kitchen and putting yesterday food to microwave. Falling to the chair, lazily switching on laptop to watch one more episode of sitcom. Oh, food is ready! Fighting with your tiredness to get up and grab it and then randomly in your head the question is arising: wtf is happening? 

You like woke up from your reality. You are looking around and started wondering: was it my dream? To work 8 hours 5 times per week and thinking when the weekends will come? Where are these crazy dreams and why they have exchanged with the ones about ” I am run out of milk and why the chocolate bar became more expensive?” Why???? 

Most of people in the Earth are living standard life. Graduating from school, going to university, then finding job, marrying, becoming parents, retiring. They are going for vacation once per year or maybe a couple of times, if they have enough money to do it. They are living in their comfort zone. They are stacking in their shell and don’t wanna leave it. 

You should ask yourself: are you ok to be normal? are you ready to this life? If yes, no more questions: go ahead and i’m happy that you are happy. But what if not? what if you are feeling trapped in your routine?

In this case, you should be ready to change. You should be ready to be spontaneous. Why so? When you are doing spontaneous decisions, you are having the feeling in the morning that everything could happen. If you are waking up with terrible mood, you are confessing yourself with thought:” maybe some miracles will happen”. For example, you can jump into the train and go to unknown city. Or even just get tickets to plane and go to another country for weekends. You are not rejecting any suggestions: you are saying ” yes” to everything. Going for some drinks in the evening even that tomorrow is Tuesday? why not? Friend is calling at 12 am and suggesting night ride/ walk? Just change your pajama to jeans and go! 

The more spontaneous things you will do, the more crazy memories you will have. The more you will be noticing the beauty of everything around. The more sunrises you will meet, the more friends you will make. Yes, the more troubles will come, nobody is doubting this;) But if you have positive attitude, you will not be afraid of them and will meet them with a smile. Because any problem can be fun if you have right attitude. 

You will live your life. And every year you will feel yourself happier and happier. And then at the end of your journey you will say: ” it was worth it!”