“Stop being dependent” or “I am more important than he is”

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She woke up and immediately took a look at her phone. Nothing. She took a deep breath and muttered “It is just too early, he will text” and covered herself with the millions of blankets that she had in her spacious bed. The weekend just started, but she didn’t have a plan. “I meeean….”  The plan was that he would text and they would have plans together. It is a pretty stupid plan for the smart girl as she is, but nobody is saying that people in love are smart.

She started her morning as usual: a glass of water, music is on, quick hot-cold shower, a lot of dances during the cooking and as a result-nice breakfast on the table. Then, for sure, a photo session of the breakfast (all the world in Instagram and Snap chat should know that she is awake and eating amazing food XD) and search of a new episode to watch. The phone tho was all the time lying nearby and with every notification, her heart was jumping up and down. “Ok, if he would not text me till 10, I will text him”

10 o’clock. No message. “He was online, so he is awake, why he is not texting?” She is feeling down, she is asking a lot of why? What’s wrong with her? What does he need? She sent a message ” Hey! 🙂 Do you have some plans for today?” and then was trying to entertain herself with daily tasks not to go crazy.

He woke up. “Shit, I shouldn’t have drunk so much yesterday”. He went to the dirty kitchen and got a glass of water. ” Ok, now its a bit better” He went back to the bed and started scrolling Reddit. Some stupid memes, some stupid news. Started remembering last night ” hmm, it would have worked up with that girl if I would have found her after the first talk. She was hot! Or maybe I was drunk”

A message ” Hey! 🙂 Do you have some plans for today?” He was liking her before and had thought that something would work, but they never talked about it. She was a good girl, he respected her so much. Hot, smart and so positive with her never-ending energy. But… He felt that they were not serious and he didn’t want to start talking to go for a next stage. But spending time with her was fun. Sex was good and just hugging with her was nice. ” Ok, so let’s invite her over”

” Not really… Do you want to come over?” She got this message and couldn’t hide a smile. “He wants to meet me, he wants to meet me” She was so happy that wanted to hug all the world. She couldn’t understand while she was so in love, he wanted just to have sex.

She was dependent on him. She was in love, you say. The problem is ” not being in love”, the problem is appearing when a person is forgetting about his own happiness: everything is around another person. It is just NOT HEALTHY. It is not healthy when you are forgetting about your own goals, about your own achievements and judging yourself by getting or not getting the message. Your happiness shouldn’t depend on anybody, no matter how important the person is. It is sad to say, but you came to this world alone and you would leave it alone. So why somebody should determine how you feel?

Ask yourself: am I fully happy with myself? You should be selfish to be successful. A healthy relationship will never bound you: it helps you to develop. So if now you are waiting for a message from the dude that is just playing with you, stop it! Stop being dependent and leave for a new adventure: your bright future is waiting for you!