“Sunday motivation” or “How to stay positive no matter what”

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I am having one super ability that was/is helping me to survive, if some shit is happening around. It is the ability to stay positive and smile no matter what. I have learnt how to treat every bad things that happened as a challenge and want to suggest you some nice techniques that were/are my solutions to any bad vibes that I was receiving on my life path.

1.Positive affirmations

It is probably one of the method that seems stupid before you will try it.:)

When you are coming to my room in every country where I am living, you can see a lot of motivational stuff on the wall and around : I am having a special box with my motivational pictures, that have traveled with me all around the world. They are special for me, but actually its just a bunch of pictures with well-known quotes. Nothing special, right? But for me they are magic.
When I am about to break down and lost belief in myself, I am standing in front of my pictures and start reading them out loud. I am reading them thousands of times, trying to give the meaning to every word and believe in every word. Probably it looks really stupid when grown up girl is almost yelling sometimes, repeating the same stuff over and over again:) But I dont care, as it works! The more you are repeating, the faster the thought that “Damn, its true” is coming to your mind. You start remembering the situations in your life when it has worked and ask yourself a question:” If it has worked once, why it will not work now?” And here you are: magic:)

2.”Smile even when you feel like shit”

Do you remember the situations when you are so in despair that you dont wanna see anybody, dont wanna talk and just think ” Why me? Why I need to face all this?” You are so bad: the best example of Sadness from “Inside out”(btw, watch this amazing cartoon;) ). But you dont want to be in this mood: you wanna come back to your happy mode. So the solution is simple. You should go to the mirror and start smiling: yeah, i should admit that from the beginning it will be joker face, for sure. But you should smile as wide as possible: it doesnt matter that it is unnatural. And then baaam- magic. After a couple of minutes of constant smiling, you will feel the happy vibes in your body: your Joker face will start turning into beautiful happy person face. As I know its just body reaction: the mind is getting signals that you are happy, just because you are smiling. Mental trick that is working perfectly:)

3. Finding good things in the worst one

This method is the most difficult one: but if you learn how to do this, trust me you will have better life:) The main thing is just treat every bad situation as a challenge and try to find good things in everything. I was already writing it about this in other post.

4. Happiness is in small things

Do you remember that when you were a kid, you were happy because of small things? Mom brought ice cream? Happy! The sun is shining? Happy! When we are kids, we dont need a lot: we still dont have this suitcase of stupid adults problems, so life is easier for us:) We just live and appreciate the moment: that’s the lesson that every grown up person should learn. To tell the truth, I love this technique sometimes too much: when I dont need to be adult and solve the global problems of humanity, you will probably say that ” Lydia, you are 2, not 22!” I dont pretend when I am having the biggest smile on my face and super happy mode because I have bought an ice cream or got my morning cappuccino with cheesecake.  I am just in love with small things that raise my mood.


So if you wake up today and the first phrase that appeared in your mind “why i am so desperate”, try to use these 4 magic points. I really hope that it will make you a little bit happier:) If not and you think that your situation is too special to use any of these methods, write to me:I will help you to find the kindness to the world and return you to ” I love world” mode.
Positive vibes to everybody! Love each other and stay haaaappy!!:)