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6 AM. Unknown city. Unknown country. Sun. Warmth of the bed sheets. 

Toothbrush. Water in the face. Swimming clothes. Shorts. Forgot the towels.

Walking 2 kilometers. Stairs. Beach. Three lonely tourists.Calmness. A woman cleaning bottles from yesterday teens’ party. Still calmness. 

Cold water. Transparency. Mountains. Greatness. Goosebumps. Thoughts. Peacefulness. Shells. Small fish. Nature. Connection.

The smell of coffee. Granola bars. Morning vibes. More people. The noise is here. Time to go.

Rented room. Backpack. Again heavy. Again go. Car? Bus? Hitchhiking again.

10 am. Heat is here. Unfriendly city. Unfriendly people. Wrong destination. Wrong route. No success. Car pooling

Blablacar. 2 pm- not bad. Clicked. Booked. Happiness. Relax.

Shitty cold coffee. Cheated. Arguments. Justice. Never mind. Shops. Smiles. Instagram stories. Videos. Fun.

No blablacar. Complain. Ok, bus. Walking, walking. Bus station. People. Mess. No seats. No hope. Never mind. Hitchhiking.

Walking again. 5 kilometers. Heat. Mountains. Higher, higher, higher.Never give up. Jokes. Positive vibes. Motivation.

Paper. Zadar. Cars. Cars. Oh, bikes. Again cars. Counting. Beeping. Not stopping. Heat. One car. Get in the car.

Story. Man 70 years old. Beard. Hitchhiked to school. Wife from Russia. Advice. Jokes. Stop.

Road. Crossroad. Signs. Split. Cars. Cars. Cars. Oh, bikes. Again cars. Counting.Counting. Beeping. Not stopping. Heat. One car. Get in the car.

Man 50 years old. All in tattoos. Bad English. Construction. Coloring. Screwdrivers. Dirty car. Stop.

Road. Bus stop. Village.Cars. Cars. Oh, bikes. Again cars. Counting.Beeping. Not stopping. Heat. One car. Get in the car.

Deutsch. Polish. Photography. Bikini and nude pictures. Suggestion. Refusal. Again suggestion. Refusal. Kiss? No! Stop

Road. In the middle of the road. Cars. Cars. Oh, bikes. Again cars. First hour: Counting.Beeping. Not stopping. Second hour. Heat. Exhaustion. Blablacar! 3 hours to wait.

Supermarket. Exhaustion. Blindness. Cold coke. Salad. Nectarines. Beach. Sea. Calmness. Confidence. Survived.

Message. Car. Broken. Ok, bus. Night bus. Walking three kilometers. Sweat. Hope. Positive thoughts.

Bus station. Question. Answer. Decision. One ticket left. Laugh. Exhaustion. No way. Never give up. Ok, hitchhiking.

Gas station. Paper. Approaching. No.No. I said NO. Fun. Comments. Beeping. Cars. Cars .Cars. Not stopping. 1.5 hour. Ok, change location.

Cafe. Sign. Cars. Cars. Oh, bike. Cars. Stopping. Hope. Happiness. Zagreb? No. Sadness. Not giving up. Cars.Cars. 2 hours. Sunset. Understanding. Acceptance.

Walking back. Cafe. Wine. Laugh. Never giving up. Call. Change reservation. Message. Call. Help. Bus for morning.Book.

Midnight. Walking 2 kilometers. Sweat. Heavy backpacks. Sauna-room. Shower. Tears. Bed.