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Every day millions of planes are taking off and landing. Millions of planes are bringing people to their friends and families, bringing them to unpleasant business trips and weekend getaways. Millions of planes are carrying people to their beloved ones and carrying them from their beloved ones. How many times

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    Dark bar. The clouds of smoke. Saxophone. Some jazz. False notes. Shot. Glance. Another one. Tiredness. Bar attender. Dirty table. Shot Mojito? Long Island. Dark thoughts. Dark life. Depression. No way. Glance. Why not? Shot Emptiness. Empty stomach. 5th day no food. Weakness. Sex? Why? But why not?

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“20 years ago” or “Vaccination against love”

20 years ago life was easier. 20 years ago when you were meeting the person you didn’t ask the questions like: does he/she want to be in a relationship with me or he/she just wanna sleep with me or he/she wants smth else? Yes, for sure, womanizers have existed in

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