“Take care” or “How to say goodbye and move on”

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You will never know what could happen to you. Every day we are leaving the house and actually don’t know if we come back or not. Today’s world is cruel: today’s world is full of surprises. I don’t wanna talk about terroristic attacks or some accidents that are, for sure, not nice surprises. I want to talk about the ones that are putting your life upside down. Some decisions, some meeting after which you are never the same.

For me, it happened a couple of times. You are making a decision and then this one is bringing something wonderful in your life. Then the time passed and you need let it go. There are hundreds of reasons why you need to move on. There are hundreds of good, logical reasons. But you illogically can’t.

You are resisting with all your powers. You just can’t move on. It is understandable: no wise person wants to let his happiness go. It doesn’t matter: if it is just cuddling with a person in a bed and watching harry potter movies or conquering one of the highest mountains in the world: the ways of being happy are different, but the feeling is the same. 

You are finding excuses. You are giving yourself a hope that doesn’t exist. Everybody is telling you that it’s over: you are telling yourself too, but not actually believing in it. You are in pink glasses: you still believe in the happy end. You are making the same mistakes again and again. You are falling, you are crying. You are not accepting that you live with your past.

Every day you are not living actually, you are just surviving, Your past is getting you up from the bed in the morning, your past makes you move, move without enjoyment. Your memories are like a cup of cocoa with marshmallows in winter: it’s sweet and nice, but you will get a big ass if you don’t stop drinking it on a daily basis. Memories are nice to remember once in a while, but if you constantly live just with them, you will have consequences.

Life is short and you should live it. Live every moment of it, live as it’s the last day. The memories that you are having are valuable, but nobody says that you can’t have better ones. Just imagine how much you are loosing now, how much can be done, how much people can be met. 

There are lucky people that know how not to be attached. Not to be attached to the things, to the places, not to be attached to other people. They are easy going, less emotional. But when you are not in this category, you should all the time work on yourself to move on.

Nobody can help you with this: the past is in your head. You can’t forget the person with just changing it to another person: everyone needs to have space in your heart. If it’s busy, this new person will just leave somewhere where this place is still available. And maybe you will lose the love of your life or an amazing friend. 

The same philosophy is working with the places or things. Until we will let them go inside of us, we will get nothing at all in exchange.

It’s easy in theory, I know. It’s easy to write how this mechanism is working while in practice it’s fucked.  When you are having a broken heart, you can’t just move on with the speed of the light- you need time. Time is the universal medicine and this is true. 

It’s hard. It’s hard and seems impossible. It’s a lot of work, sufferings and crying sometimes. But everybody went through this. And you will.