“Uncertainty is the spotlight that reveals your leadership” or “how to deal with it and still be all right”:)

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The worst thing in life is uncertainty. It makes you hesitate all the time: was it right or not, will i get it or not, does he like me or doesn’t? You are overthinking all the time, adding some extra details to the situation, even if they are bullshit.  You are not stable, your mood is jumping up and down, you are stressed all the time.

I DON’T KNOW! This is answer to all the questions. You are trying to dig deeper, to understand what is going on, but the problem that when the situation is uncertain, you have 2 choices: rely on time- wait for it to pass and be your personal medicine- or ask. Of course, the second way works only with the people, but usually most of our mind devils happen because of human beings: we don’t know how other people treat us, what they feel about us. Being honest is difficult: you should be brave enough to make a step, to look into the eyes to the person and be able to hear the truth that can punch you so hard that you will stop breathing for a  few seconds. But you will get rid of uncertainty. You will get rid of the feeling that was eating you from inside days and nights. You will be free faster and can faster admit the facts that happened and live on.

Some people are running away. And it is clear, I am the same. Once in a while I am having strong feeling just to get tickets and run away. But the thing that no matter where you will be, you will still have your head on your shoulders. You can just wake up in the morning and be brand new: everybody has its own luggage of tears and smiles. Never judge a person, because you will never know what he lived through.

Uncertainty is part of our lives. I hate it more than anything else. But we should live with it, as it makes us stronger, makes us better if we know how to deal with it and how to get the best advantage from it.