My name is Lydia Lysenkova and I am happy that you have some time to check my website.

I want you to know me a little better to understand why i am doing what i am doing Some crazy facts about me:
  • Visited 31 countries, 4 continents
  • Music lover and song performer
  • 27 years old with the working experience of 8 years in absolutely different spheres: from cleaner and construction worker to work in the ministry of foreign affairs
  • Always following my heart, never regretting what have already done, living the moment
  • Love talking, writing and make people happy
  • Crazy about ice-cream
  • Coffee addicted
  • Cooking and especially baking is my big passion: to see happiness and enjoyment when smb is trying my dish raise my mood
  • I love people and always believe in good of them.
  • If u see smb that is dancing crazily and singing in the street with the huge smile on her face-its me:)