“Winning attitude” or “How to do what you are scared to do”

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I bet, once in your life you were feeling super scared. Everybody does. No matter how well you are pretending that you are superwoman or superman, everybody has its own fears. I am not talking about fears of spiders or snakes, I am more talking about the fears to do something. It can be either to go to the stage and perform or to be brave enough and tell what’s on your mind: in any case you are afraid of acting. How many times have you been facing the choice: to do or not to do?How many times did you decide not to do? How many times have you been persuading yourself that next time you would do and then the situation repeated again? You stayed aside? How many times have you been wondering why?

The medicine from this “illness” is simple: “just do it” Nike was right with their motto 😉 Nevertheless, even though it sounds so simple, it is hard to implement in life.

Doing something is all the time going out of your comfort zone. Just imagine: when it’s winter, minus 20 outside, you are sitting under a warm blanket with a big cup of tea and watching a movie- who will be able to persuade you to go outside? NO-BO-DY! You are comfortable, you will be wondering: Why I need to? Yeah, it’s gonna be cool to go outside, but it’s ok here and I don’t wanna make an effort.

“Don’t wanna make an effort”-one of the reasons why people are not doing anything. As human beings, we are super lazy. To do something, we need to push ourselves. We should have enough will or a huge motivation. However, most of the people are like bears after winter: the fewer moves they do, the better they feel. Even though it’s common fact that all miracles are starting out of your comfort zone. This is how the gray mass of the population is born: people who stuck in the routine with work and tv in the evening. No judgments: you can live like this as well. But do you wanna?

Another reason of not doing is the fear of failure. People are afraid to be called “looser”. They are so afraid of this public opinion that choosing the easiest way: ” if I don’t do, there is no chance of failing. Yeah, I would not get this and this, but at least I’m good where I am now. ” This reason is worse than the previous one, it is stronger. People are missing the greatest opportunities: they are not applying for their dream jobs, they are not going for their life-destination, they are not saying to each other what they are feeling- they are unconsciously ruining their lives.

One more reason for staying in your comfort zone and not doing is the fear of the second mistake. It happened that people conquered their fear once did smth and failed. Now they are saying to themselves: ” I tried, didn’t work out, so it would not, for sure. ” This excuse is appearing and appearing in their heads, not letting them try one more time. They can stuck in their own reality: ” I did my best and that’s the end”

We are fighting with our inner devils. But next time when you will need to choose, think: what would happen if everybody would give up. No matter because of what: laziness, fear of failure of fear of the second mistake. Think what you can get if you try. Think that you will not loose much, because there are much more things that you are losing when you are not trying, than the things when you are trying. Think about all these situations in your life: about people to whom you haven’t opened up, the adventures you missed, the opportunities you haven’t got.Think about the person you could be if you would do. Think and then make your next choice.